ADvindicate takes a biblical look at trending Seventh-day Adventist issues. In its infancy, the online publication immediately found a niche in the Adventist world of online publications. The church's official magazine the Adventist Review appeared inhibited from dealing with controversial issues due to church-associated politics, and the other two significant self-supporting publications were antagonistic toward central Adventist beliefs. A publication that was theologically supportive of the church, yet unencumbered with church bureaucracy was needed.

The website launched February 2012, and has been doubling its readership every year since then. After its first year, ADvindicate incorporated and became a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. With the financial support of its readers, ADvindicate contracts with Adventist writers and editors to provide weekly content.

The AD in ADvindicate’s name refers to Anno Domini, which means in the year of our Lord. Adventists believe there is a cosmic showdown between Christ and Satan. Christ’s character has been put on trial in front of the whole universe. Adventists believe Christ will vindicate his character through his followers. ADvindicate’s name reflects this concept.


Editor | Webmaster

Monte Fleming 

Monte Fleming is a musician and a geologist, and is currently pursuing a PhD in earth science at Loma Linda University.  He is convinced that both nature and revelation tell the same story, and that the truth told by both is immeasurably more intriguing than the alternatives that are often presented. He is also convinced that the Seventh-day Adventist church has a message to share with the world that shows God's love, goodness, and power in a unique and compelling way.