Samuel Pipim’s rebaptism canceled over another ‘moral situation’

Samuel Pipim admitted Friday to another sexual encounter after being confronted with the allegation Thursday night. His rebaptism, scheduled to take place June 9, was canceled. A letter written by Pipim’s pastor can be read here. Nicole Parker’s poignant plea to her friend Pipim fell on deaf ears. Her letter, which was posted yesterday on Advindicate, was correct in pointing out Pipim’s violation of Nandipa (pseudonym) in Botswana was not the first sexual sin he had committed. Here is a portion of Parker’s observations:

As a Biblical counselor, I deal with many people who struggle with addictions, especially sexual ones. I am well aware of the process that leads to an event such as yours. Perhaps a person who is ignorant of this process would believe the explanation, 'I took precautions, but I did not take enough, and 'it was the sin of a moment.' However, you and I both know better. There was a long process that led to such an event. No one ends up in bed with a person who is not their spouse on an impulse ....

The process leading to adultery is not an instantaneous event, but a step-by-step descent, a persistent pushing away of the voice of the Holy Spirit. This is why adultery is sufficient to break even the sacred marriage vow. Before one engages in such a high-risk sin (risking your own life, your wife's life, your ministry, reputation, and family), there are a thousand second looks at low necklines or high hemlines, or fantasies, or episodes of viewing pornography, or trips to the hotel desk to pay cash to watch a movie that you do not want to be recorded on your bill. No earnest Christian young man ends up in the back seat of a car with his girlfriend without first pushing away the voice of conscience, rationalizing many times .... You and I both know this -- there is a process that leads to an adulterous event.

Upon hearing the news of this additional affair and canceled rebaptism, Parker said, “Praise God it came out now and not on the judgment day. He still has a chance to repent.”

Advindicate does not have information on the age of this additional girl at the time Pipim had sex with her.

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