Support ADvindicate's continuation

What a successful year had in 2015! Over 390,000 unique visitors stopped by our site, so compared to the 155,000 visitors in 2014, ADvindicate's readership increased 150 percent. While ADvindicate's readership is at an all-time high, fundraising is peculiarly at an all-time low. 

ADvindicate's projected 2016 budget was $60,000. The approximately $11,000 readers donated will fund ADvindicate for the first few months of 2016, so ADvindicate voted to scale back to a barebones budget of $33,000 in an effort to keep the website running another year. However, this means ADvindicate will not be expanding its news coverage or publishing more than three articles a week. It also means ADvindicate will need another $22,000 for 2016 expenses.

With this knowledge, we begin another fundraising blitz, starting today and ending Feb. 28, 2016, to raise the needed $22,000. Below are the revised budget details. 

2016 ADvindicate Budget $33,000

We at ADvindicate have been blessed to work with this ministry the last four years, and we hope the amount blessing ADvindicate has been to you will equally show in your level of financial investment.

We greatly appreciate your generosity in the past, and look forward to partnering with you in the new year. This has become your site, your voice. Don't let it fall silent.