Here at ADvindicate, it is our goal to articulate and promote the distinctive doctrines, worship principles, and lifestyle standards of classic Seventh-day Adventism, as set forth in the Bible, the writings of Ellen G. White, and the Fundamental Beliefs of the Church, and to present, establish, and strengthen faith in the distinctive message of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

To further this mission, and to keep discussions in the comments sections of the articles as civil, gracious, and productive as possible, we are updating our comment policy.

While we welcome questions and even disagreement, we intend to work diligently to keep our website from becoming just another Internet free-for-all. We want it to be a place where Adventists and non-Adventists can come and find uplifting messages, doctrinal truth, timely warnings, and thoughtful commentary. We do not wish for the comment sections of the articles to detract from the overall tone of the website.

Endless arguing not only creates a hostile learning environment; it also conveys the false impression that inspired counsel offers no conclusive answers to any number of issues currently vexing thoughtful Seventh-day Adventists and others. We believe website discussions should be a witness to observers as to the satisfying answers and positive spirit attending the advocates of God’s truth for this time. Unmonitored, open-ended debates do not foster such a witness.

Like every movement in history seeking constructive and positive change, those pursuing revival and reformation in contemporary Adventism through a wholehearted return to Scripture and the writings of the Spirit of Prophecy can at times find themselves lured by fanaticism. Like so much we see in the church and the world right now, this too is a fulfillment of inspired predictions. Accordingly, our website will not only seek to build confidence in key doctrinal and other positions taught by the Sacred Writings of the church; it will also endeavor to warn readers against the perils of extremism. Such diversions from the inspired agenda include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Anti-trinitarianism
  • The “holy name of God” heresy
  • Old Testament feast-keeping
  • Prophetic time-setting, in particular the attempt to reapply the time prophecies of Daniel and Revelation to the future
  • The 1960s teachings of Robert Brinsmead regarding original sin and the final atonement
  • The belief that the eventual triumph of the church predicted in the writings of Ellen White does not refer to the organized Seventh-day Adventist denomination
  • Unfounded conspiracy speculation
  • Theories of diet, dress, and intimate relationships which promote restrictions beyond those found in the Bible and the writings of the Spirit of Prophecy
  • Theocratic views of civil government

Likewise, we will endeavor to warn readers against developments vexing a broader group of Adventists, including, but again, not limited to:

  • Higher criticism
  • Identical gender roles in spiritual leadership
  • Theistic evolution
  • Unscriptural views of human sexuality
  • The “emerging church” movement
  • Spiritual formation
  • Spiritualism
  • The evangelical doctrine of salvation in its various forms, often called the “new theology”
  • Contemporary Christian music
  • Unsanctified entertainment

To further our mission and improve the experience of our readers, the following will not be allowed in our comment sections:

  • Anonymity—please provide your full and legal first and last name when creating a profile in order to post comments
  • Personal attacks
  • Repetition of the same points
  • Monopolizing of the conversation
  • Overtly political comments (there are political topics that are important for us to discuss, such as religious liberty and the role of civil government with regard to personal morality, but there are many more that we should avoid)

We may limit the number of comments an individual may post regarding a particular article or issue, and delete any additional comments. We also reserve the right to eliminate from the forum any person whose agenda or convictions contradict the theological, spiritual and civil tone we wish to maintain on this website.

If you do not wish to provide your full name, but still have something to say regarding an article, or would like counsel regarding the particular challenges of a local situation, please use our contact form. 

If you have been banned from commenting, and you wish to appeal, or feel that you have been banned unjustly or because of a misunderstanding, please send us a note through the contact form, and the leaders of the ministry will consider your case.