Comments are Moot

Confused? You would be if you didn't know we were talking about Moot, the new commenting service we're looking into. Change, even if it's good, can be hard to adjust to, so we thought we'd let you play around with Moot to see what you think. We've created a help forum to help answer your questions and give you space to experiment with the new system, but if you're a self-taught type, here is the user guide for Moot. Not very many people click on the hyperlinks, but you really need to click on this one.

In order to use the help forum, you need to create a Moot account or login via your Facebook account. The process is very simple and quick. Don't forget to verify your email address after creating your account. 

We've setup Moot comments on this post for practice. Have fun and ask questions. Don't forget to check out the user guide and help forum

Here are some things you will enjoy right off the bat:

  • You can quote text.
  • You can edit your comments up to 2.7 minutes after publishing.
  • You can create your own threads on a topic related to the article without disrupting the whole conversation.
  • You can nest comments.
  • You can create hyperlinks, bold and italicize text.

There's much more, but those are some of the basic highlights.  So check out the user guide and then come back here or to the help forum to try out what you've learned. It's pretty easy to use and it looks great.