A glimpse into the GLOW office

Ever wonder what it would be like to be the main GLOW secretary receiving calls from people who get GLOW tracts? Central CA Conference's GLOW secretary Desiree recently related a story to us which gives us a glimpse of her job.

A few weeks ago, Desiree received a call from a woman in Alaska wanting to get one tract entitled Breaking Addictions. Why? This lady (whom we will call Sharon) found a Breaking Addictions tract the same day that she discovered that her son was using drugs. She wanted to give him the tract but when she was just about to mail the tract to him, somehow the tract pages got stuck together so she couldn't open it.  She could read the number on the back though, so she called Desiree requesting another tract.  Long story longer, she ended up buying a whole packet of 100 Breaking Addictions tracts to distribute with her church.

The next day Desiree received a call from another woman (whom we will call Lisa) who found Breaking Addictions in Wal-Mart. While in Wal-Mart at that very same time, Lisa had just discovered that both her daughter and granddaughter were addicted to drugs as well!  She called Desiree to get some Breaking Addictions tracts to send to them too. While Desiree was comforting Lisa, she told her about Sharon's experience.  While on the phone with Lisa, Sharon happened to call. Desiree switched lines and told Sharon about Lisa and what she was going through.  Sharon promised to have her entire church pray for Lisa. Desiree then switched back to Lisa and told her that Sharon's church was going to pray for her. This brought Lisa to tears.

Finally, on the same day as the call from Lisa, a third lady called in who had found a Breaking Addictions tract in a community center at an Adventist church!  She signed up for Bible studies on the spot and is working with Desiree to send Bible studies to her daughter in prison who was also addicted to drugs.

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