Win $2,000 for your favorite ministry

Every time you distribute GLOW, log onto You can input the tracts you distributed at this website. The person who distributes the most will win $2,000 towards their favorite ministry.  Second place wins $1,000 towards their favorite ministry and 3rd place wins an iPad. The perfect time to distribute GLOW is coming up in October.

Halloween is almost here!  Are you ready to go with your church members to the front lines and distribute literature?  Here is a story from a Halloween GLOWer illustrating how even non-SDAs have helped GLOW in the dark!

One clever church member, who we will call Nathan, told us the following Halloween story.

As Nathan was passing out GLOW tracts door to door on Halloween with a group of church members, he kept running into a teenage boy who was out collecting candy on the same streets. They passed by each other several times that night. When Nathan started down his last street, he noticed that he didn’t have enough time to finish it because the church had set a time for everyone to come back and meet together, which was in just a few minutes.  Soon he noticed the teenage boy on the same street as him again and an idea came to mind.

He went to the teenager and said, “Hey, I’ve got a deal for you.”

With a somewhat sly look, the  teenage boy said he was interested.

Nathan said, “I’ll give you this candy that people gave me from tonight if you take these pamphlets and give them to all the people on the rest of this street.”

Apparently the deal was a good one because Nathan made it to the church on time and the teenage boy readily finished off the mission work for the night!

New Halloween GLOW tracts have arrived on the topic of spiritualism!  Call 559-347-3150 for orders or visit

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