Survey: Muut or Disqus?

ADvindicate has switched to Disqus for its comment platform. We had been using Muut for a long time, but about a week ago there was a glitch that reset the path for each dynamically created thread. That means the little bit of code that is placed at the end of each article that automatically generates the path where the comments are stored on the server was reset, causing all the comments to disappear from each article; however, all these comments are still viewable in the forum. 

Muut is very light weight and loads quickly, while offering a nice forum for viewing all the comments across the site. The comments load faster than Disqus and may suit ADvindicate and you better in the future as traffic increases.

Muut is not as popular as Disqus. Many of you probably already have a Disqus account and find it convenient that ADvindicate is now offering Disqus. A permanent switch to Disqus would see the disappearance of the forum because Disqus does not support this feature.

We can transition back to Muut and preserve the comments in Disqus because Disqus exports to Muut, but we'd like to hear which platform you like best. You're the ones who use the platform. Please cast your vote below. We'll leave the survey open for one week.

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