Animation on women's ordination goes viral in Adventist circles

In an eight-minute animation released Thursday, producer Charles Lawson of Blue Orion Media advocates for a bible-based perspective on the issue of women's ordination and not a culturally driven one. The animation was viewed over 22,000 times in three days. 

"I was fairly unsure of the issue for a while," Lawson said. "I'm an elder and we've had female elders in our churches .... so I decided to investigate it."

Lawson said he found that women headship in the church was not a biblical concept, which is summarized in his script for his new animation. 

Rod Stafford illustrated the animation. Lawson said Stafford recently became Adventist after working on animations "Truth about the Lord's Day" and "Truth about God's Law," which were also produced by Lawson. Stafford's long list of clients have included Walt Disney Engineering and Industrial Light and Magic (George Lucas).

"This new animated video on women's ordination reveals facts hard to refute," said White Horse Media Speaker/Director Steve Wohlberg, who was Lawson's former employer. "May God help Seventh-day Adventist leaders to firmly stick with Scripture and say 'No' to all compromising cultural pressures."

Shane Hilde contributed to this report.