Accusing the brethren: an analysis of Nick Miller's 'final arguments'

Dear readers,

I have asked for my article "Accusing the brethren: an analysis of Nick Miller's 'final arguments'" to be pulled from ADvindicate's website. The reason for this is that my response, though containing many valid points, helpful concerns and an encouraging testimony from Dr. Jerry Moon, could have been written differently. It was too personal and assumed a knowledge of the situation that those involved in the in-house deliberations of TOSC held. Some have viewed this as a personal attack on Miller. This was not my intent. I do not question Bro. Miller's commitment to the church, nor do I question that he truly believes the third option he has promoted will bring unity to the church. 

The accusations used against what I believe are Miller’s accusations against the top leadership of the church, were also accusations, and simply put, two wrongs don’t make a right! I humbly offer a sincere apology to both Nick Miller and those who have read my response for not placing the best possible construction on my brother’s words. 

I trust my apology will be accepted in like spirit, and whatever the future discussion and vote of this issue, I recommit myself to communicating in a Christlike, generous manner.


Don Mackintosh