In Good Company

There is a pattern that works itself across the Bible and continues even to this very day.

A history of disappointment

We start in the green and golden sunset of Eden. The wind moans through the trees as if to give the earth a voice of mourning, for among the beautiful vistas of nature are the figures of royalty. But instead of standing tall in their territory, wearing the robes that Divinity had gifted them, they are crouched behind bushes, dressed in peasantly garb—inadeqaute, but the only covering that they could put together. But the One who pursues them in the cool of the day can see them anyway. "Where are you?"

Don't eat the fruit and you shall live and have everything else. Everything else, including the fellowship of the angels and God. You will never have to know fear. Death will be a rumor. All they had to do was hold on to the words and trust. But alas....

And now God's heart broke with disappointment. The plan of salvation, which He hoped against hope He never would have to use was now to be executed.... But now, His children, Adam and Eve had to be thrust out.

He cried out across the plain, the mammoth edifice of the ark was the growing, constant witness and backdrop to his continuous sermon. His family was already in the ark but maybe this last cry before he got in might get just one soul to get aboard. Even just one. All they had to do was act on the words. But alas, he turned into the ark and his heart broke with disappointment as the gigantic door closed, shut by Divine order. Noah was called in.

The multitude after the flood walked away with their heads down and shaking in confusion. Disappointedly leaving their towering unfinished project. They thought they could unite against God's command. If only they had listened but alas... But even then, someone was listening. Abraham was called out.

The two of them cried out. The other voices were overpowering their own but they had to tell the truth, no matter how unrealistic and crazy it sounded. The land was theirs to conquer. All they had to do was go. Not because they were strong, not because of experience or even because of their numbers but because... well.... because God said. Their hearts broke with disappointment as the others insisted on turning back. All they had to do was hold on to the words and trust. But alas.... Joshua and Caleb stood out and were the only ones among them who made it to the promised land.

The two of them cried on the inside as they walked on the road. Their hearts were broken with disappointment. They had thought He was the One, The Messiah. But alas.... this was now the third day. And then there were the words of the stranger. He just walked up beside them. At first he seemed clueless about what, to them, was the most important event ever. But then He spoke. As they held on to every word, their hearts were strangely warmed inside them as hope budded out of the miry clay of disappointment. HE IS RISEN. Out of this, the Christian church was born and went out to the world with the true, pure Gospel.

I should probably correct the earlier statement. Yes, there has been a history of disappointment. However, when you look carefully, you will see a history of God picking His people out of disappointment. It is almost like disappointment is a fire that God can use to burn away the rubbish and work out gold.

They all cried on the inside as they walked through the field. The year was 1844. So why had He not come? They had studied and heard the words of great men, breaking down prophecy so convincingly that they were sure that Their Lord should have returned. But alas, the day had gone and here they were. How could they have been wrong? They had to be wrong because God is not man that He should lie, right? So, 2,300 days, what did it mean!? Why this disappointment that broke their hearts? And then Hiram Edson looked up to see Heaven open up and witness the Heavenly High Priest, Their Lord go from the Holy Place ministry to start His ministry in the Most Holy Place. There is a sanctuary in heaven! That was what the words meant! They ran back and told their disappointed comrades and hope lit up their eyes. They had misunderstood. Prophecy, The Word of God had proven sure and was still a light to their feet. They still had a work to do. Hope was born out of disappointment. And so was the unique Seventh-Day Adventist message.

Anyone who dismisses the Seventh-Day Adventist church because it was born out of disappointment may have to read through their Bibles again. Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, Jeremiah, Habakkuk, and the list can go on with names of God's people who faced disappointment.

But as for you, if you have held to the words of God, followed His lead and faced disappointment, you are in good company. Hold on to His word, go back and study the word. If not to realize any mistake, then to draw closer to God and therefore He shall draw nearer to you. Put your disappointments in the hands of our Lord and let Him draw out the words “Even if He slay me, yet will I serve Him,” from our broken lips and disappointed hearts. Let Him turn the quicksand of disappointment into the fertile soils of hope and truth.