Comment feature updates

Image upload

Now you can click the image icon and choose the files to be uploaded, or simply drag-and-drop your chosen pictures onto the text area.


Behind the scenes we use XMLHttpRequest 2 with ability to upload multiple images and send them to the server with AJAX. This works on all browsers including IE10. In IE9 the image upload button is simply not present.

Title row

The moot title row insertion in the text area has been frequently mentioned by forum owners and users alike, and we've acknowledged ourselves it needed improving — thus, we're proud to present the all new title row area. With a clearer separating line, it should now encourage people to write more descriptive titles for their posts.


Load oldest/newest replies

Long threads with dozens of hidden posts are now easier to navigate: you can expand the thread from the beginning or the end if there are more than 27 hidden posts.


Bigger improvments

  • Native image uploads to new posts and replies
  • Separate fields for title and body fields for improving the title quality
  • Ability to load both old and new replies on topics with more than 27 replies
  • A small "Admin" badge for forum administrators
  • Better "growl" notification popup:
    • Automatic minification after a few seconds and a minify icon
    • No growl notifications will appear from active moot
    • Links and URL's are shortened
    • Growl scrollbars are no longer overlapping the close button
  • Better gallery view for images
    • The view can be scrolled. Better with bigger images and smaller screens
    • The thumbnails preserve aspect ratio
    • More room for the main image

Smaller improvements

  • New, better animation when a new post is created
  • Ability to write [relative](/links)
  • Local links no longer display a redundant "home" icon
  • Topics can be opened with cmd/ctrl- click from the triangle link
  • Improved positioning and sizing on the black tooltips
  • Dropbox image gallery links display a dropbox icon
  • data-show_online=false attribute on the container tag will hide the online user list
  • Removed "watch for new replies" option below the text area to reduce clutter. They eye icon does the job perfectly
  • The editing area no longer zooms on iPhone when creating a new post
  • Facebook profile images no longer distorted (only for new registrations) since before you'd just size them to be square now they will actually be square images run through the same transformation filter we use for uploaded images