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After almost two and a half years, we decided it was time to fundraise and take ADvindicate to the next level. With no money and a reliance on voluntary submissions for the first couple years, there was only so much we could offer. One of our readers approached ADvindicate president Gerry Wagoner at a convention and asked why ADvindicate wasn't covering more news. All of us at ADvindicate have full-time jobs and write and run the website in our spare time. In spite of this, God has blessed the site and we're doing well. There are many things we would have liked to cover, but due to lack of money and available writers, we were unable to deliver.

Many of you have helped change this situation by donating over $22,000 for next year's budget. Our goal is $30,000 and we're almost there. Most of the funds will go directly to writers, who will be bringing you more news, so you can be sure we'll be covering what's important to you in the coming year.

There is only one day left to help ADvindicate reach its goal and receive a tax deductible receipt just in time for tax season. Donate now online or send your check and help us continue giving you a biblical perspective on current trends in the Adventist Church.


Use your credit card or bank account (where available).


Make checks payable to ADvindicate.

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