La Sierra embraces rebellious reputation

La Sierra University's student paper asked, “Are we the black sheep?” The theme of the 2013 holiday issue was identity--La Sierra's identity. Criterion editor Jonah Valdez kicked the issue off with a reference to David Read’s article “The failure of the Adventist Accrediting Association." After a brief summary of Read’s arguments, Valdez asked La Sierra students if Read’s critical remarks disturbed or angered them in some way.

“It’s your turn to speak, to theorize, to consider, and to come to your own conclusion of our campus’ identity amidst the clashing voices,” Valdez said.

In an article titled “La Sierra Black Sheep: are you in or out?” by Janell Haylock, student opinions about La Sierra from Southern Adventist University, Andrews University, Union College, Pacific Union College, Walla Walla University and Oakwood University were highlighted (See excerpts below; click to enlarge). Haylock ended her article with a call to students to be the rebellious, rambunctious children of Adventism:

If La Sierra University stopped being radical, Adventism would lose an overwhelming force evoking thought, questioning, change and development. YOU are essential to this concept. You make this happen. You are the radical. The only question left to explore is whether you are up to it. Let us be the rebellious, rambunctious and world-changing children of Adventism.

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