Netherlands Union Conference begins process to ordain women

Below is translation of a news report by Wim Altink from the Netherlands Union Conference.

In the past three weekends are representatives of all municipalities in the Netherlands met for the five-year union congress. During this important event, the new directors of the church in the Netherlands appointed and that often receives the most attention in the immediate coverage. Yet there are two other important parts of the union congress: evaluating the past five years, and together look forward to the next five. The delegates evaluate on the basis of the reports of the union officials, and looking ahead do so by filing motions and plans.

On the last day of the conference, as last decision was a very special motion was made, called "Equality between men and women." With this motion, we as Dutch Church participates in the global debate on the ordination of female pastors. Female ministers, the Seventh-day Adventist and since the seventies, but until this summer, women were not blessed with men like that get done. Two unions in the United States have begun the blessing of female pastors, and give them that way status and recognition equal to that of male pastors.

On 11 November 2012, the representatives of the Dutch municipalities said that they stand for the equal treatment of men and women within the church organization. It is expressly stated that while it comes to consecrate women. The newly elected board is dedicated to this equality as soon as possible to implement. They will discuss and implement this motion to give. It is up to them to decide when the equality of women in the Dutch church can be implemented. In addition, the government of the Church our principled rejection of inequality must speak out forcefully in the world church.

In the Netherlands there is a female minister in the service, Reverend. Elise Happe-Heikoop. Currently, Zr. Guisèle Berkel-Larmonie her practice year.

The full text of the motion reads:Considering the biblical principle of the equality of men and women, the delegates in session, indicate that they reject the current situation of inequality in the church on principle.

For this reason, and considering the context of Dutch society, they charge the Executive Board to vigorously promote this perspective in the worldwide church.

As quickly as possible, and no later than six months after the next session of the General Conference (2015), equality between men and women will be implemented at all organisational levels of the church in the Netherlands. The equal ordination of female pastors also falls into this category.