Pacific Union Conference approves seven women and two men for ordination

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On Thursday, November 15, the executive committee of the Pacific Union Conference unanimously approved requests to ordain seven women and two men. Most of the women who were approved for ordination have been in ministry for several years -- in some cases several decades -- but have officially been considered “commissioned.” According to Bradford Newton, executive secretary of the Pacific Union, “This vote removes any reservations or limitations on the church’s affirmation of the ministry to which God has called these pastors and trainers of pastors.”

Women ministers approved for ordination this week:

1. Yamileth (Yami) Bazan, vice-president for student life, La Sierra University.

2. Cherise Gardner, Southern Calif. Conf., family ministries pastor, Glendale City church.

3. Myriam Salcedo-Gonzalez, SCC, pastor, All Nations church, Monrovia, Calif.

4. Ginger Hanks-Harwood, associate professor of religious and theological studies, H.M.S. Richards School of Divinity, La Sierra University.

5. Courtney Ray, SCC, associate pastor, Tamarind Avenue church, Compton, Calif.

6. Kendra Haloviak Valentine, associate professor of New Testament studies, H.M.S Richards School of Divinity, La Sierra University

7. Janet White, SCC, associate pastor, Simi Valley church, Calif.

Men approved for ordination this week:

1. Pablo Gaitan, SCC, pastor, Lynwood Spanish church, Los Angeles.

2. Mark Lastimoso, SCC, associate pastor, Glendale Filipino church.

The number of women ministers approved for ordination in the Pacific Union now stands at 21. The 14 women who were previously approved for ordination, at the September executive committee meeting, have now all been ordained, or if previously commissioned, have received ordination credentials.

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