The Record Keeper may be shut down

Rumors are circulating "The Record Keeper" is being reviewed this week by a committee and could potentially be shut down. ADvindicate has made numerous calls to the Director Jason Sutterlund, Executive Producer and General Conference PR Director Garrett Caldwell and others at the General Conference, but with no reply.
An Adventist filmmaker and proponent of the web series Tanya Musgrave speculates the concern stems from action sequences that church goers may consider too violent or scary. Some of these scenes may be depicted in the teaser below. Musgrave spent a week as an onset photographer for "The Recorder Keeper" during production and has seen the first four episodes.

Musgrave is also helping Daniel Wahlen, a senior film major at Southern Adventist University, with a new Facebook page called "Save The Record Keeper." The page is described online as a "grassroots movement dedicated to supporting and fulfilling the director's vision for the steampunk web series." The page was created almost a week ago and has since garnered 1,747 likes. It indicates the series is in danger of being shut down, but Musgrave didn’t necessarily agree. She said it’s likely those who have concerns want the content to be more palatable for church members, even though in-reach wasn’t the intention of the series.

"I really believe in using media to reach the youth," Musgrave said. "There's nothing out there that targets youth that's from the General Conference, and we thought [The Record Keeper] really hit the mark. We really believed in this project."

Musgrave said the response from the youth she's encountered has been very positive. The series even motivated her to unwrap and start to read an old copy of "The Great Controversy" she had received as a gift. She indicated the series creates interest in Ellen White where there used to be no interest, and also creates a context for discussion about Great Controversy themes. 

Reactionary videos posted on "Save The Record Keeper" show student responses from Mount Pisgah Academy and Andrews University.

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