Couchsurfing is postmodern “witnessing” at its best

I was in Nashville, Tennessee, this last November filming an online success course for young women. It was late Friday, nearing sundown, and I had a decision to make. I would either be spending the night ( miserably cold) in my compact car, or be  feeling guilty about putting $64.99 plus tax on my mom’s credit card for a night at the Motel 6. I had been there a week already, staying at a friend’s house. Now there was a bit of a snag--the sleeper sofa was double-booked! My friend’s roommate had also promised the space to his brother and sister-in-law, so rather than creating any friction between two fantastically tenacious Vanderbilt Law students, I packed up my clothes Friday morning and, during breaks from work, I looked at various free/cheap options for the night.

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