ADvindicate readership almost doubles again

ADvindicate experienced another year of tremendous growth. An average of 13,379 people visited the site per month for a total of 160,558 in 2014. Compare that to 88,518 in 2013 and you'll see ADvindicate's readership increased by 81 percent. ADvindicate had a total of 741,657 pageviews in 2014, an average of 61,804 per month. We are nothing without our readers, so we are thankful for you and your continued prayers and support.

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ADvindicate celebrates its one-year anniversary as website traffic increases

ADvinidcate stats first yearTime has whirled by, and it’s hard to believe a whole year has passed since ADvindicate launched Feb. 2, 2012. God has blessed beyond expectations. Due to its staff and guest contributors, ADvindicate published 172 articles with a monthly readership average in the last six months of almost 6,000.

News stories have played the most significant role in doubling ADvindicate’s traffic the last six months. It published 54 news stories of which 33 percent were original. Plans are in place to double its journalistic efforts, so be on the lookout for more news.

Countries/territories that visited ADvindicate. People from 162 countries/territories visit ADvindicate. While the United States far exceeds any other country/territory for traffic, ADvindicate still receives a significant number of hits from Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa and the Philippines. Its top five cities are Los Angeles, San Francisco, Loma Linda, New York City and Riverside. The top two referral sites are Facebook and Spectrum Magazine.

The staff at ADvindicate pray its readers have been blessed. ADvindicate started from an idea to see bible-based Seventh Day Adventist views promoted, but it's still relatively small in the world of independent Adventist websites, so thank you to the thousands who continue to share ADvindicate’s content via email, Facebook or word of mouth.

Statistics are based on Google Analytics