World Church Affirmation Sabbath

Across 155 years, Seventh-day Adventists have seen many efforts to weaken the pillars of our faith. This faith is the flowering of Protestant theology, founded upon Holy Scripture and affirmed in the writings of Ellen G. White. Our doctrines are plain; they are proven daily as the Great Controversy nears its climax. Yet today, “the protest is over” for most Protestants, and certain SDAs dispute how God's “peculiar people” (1 Peter 2:9) of Scripture should interact with our culture-driven world.

It is imperative that we be open and lovingly explanatory about all our beliefs. These distinctive doctrines--the Sabbath, the investigative judgment (sanctuary), the unconscious state of the dead, et al--are God's saving truths for our dying world! Like Jesus, we teach them openly to all who will listen; we teach nothing in secret (John 18:20).

Our challenge: Notable factions within our ranks promote significant doctrinal and lifestyle changes through “new math” which erodes our foundations. These appear as:

· addition (e.g. 2520 prophecies)

· subtraction (e.g. anti-Trinitarian beliefs)

· division (e.g. women’s ordination)

· multiplication (e.g. feast keeping)

The following ten (10) principles guide and govern those participating in this endeavor:

1.  Participants support the decisions of the world church expressed through the General Conference.

2.  Participants seek unity on the basis of inspired truth rather than cultural compromise.

3.  Participants uphold God’s purpose for church organization and for pressing together rather than separation.

4.  Participants learn Protestant Biblical interpretation—the historical-grammatical method.

5.  Participants are active and responsible members in their local congregation.

6.  Participants learn how to work effectively in board, business, and constituency meetings.

7.  Participants commit themselves to pray for faithful workers, and for Heaven to provide godly, decisive leaders for the harvest.

8.  Participants embrace the conviction that God is in control, and choose not to be intimidated by factions opposing truth within the Church.

9.  Emphasizing connection to Jesus our Lord, participants learn how to resist pluralism, congregationalism, and other present errors.

10.  World Church Affirmation Sabbath emphasizes the Seventh-day Adventist representative form of church governance. We are the Church.

 World Church Affirmation Sabbath (WCAS) exists because our church’s historical and Biblical foundation, though under attack, must continue to be studied, reaffirmed, and shared. WCAS participants include like-minded pastors and laity who encourage every member to stand, despite the shaking, in solidarity with our world church and its mission.  Our very name, our mission statement and our 10 principles of action openly state our intention ( We affirm our world-wide SDA church! We uphold established SDA doctrines! We share Heaven’s Bible-based three angels' messages!

Some have attempted to align WCAS with the “new math” folks, those who add, subtract, multiply and divide the SDA beliefs. No, we would not “recalibrate” this precious message; rather, we would “ask for the old paths, wherein is the good way,” (Jeremiah 6:16).  We have no hidden agenda.

We pray for our worldwide Seventh-day Adventist laity to awake, to arise to action.  We seek your prayers for the WCAS Planning Committee (listed on our website) as we prepare each lay-driven World Church Affirmation Sabbath afternoon meeting. We need like-minded speakers and helpers. Contact us through the website; hold a WCAS in your area.

This upcoming Sabbath – September 22, 2018 is World Church Affirmation Sabbath.  There are multiple sites that are sponsoring a WCAS.  If you are unable to attend one feel free to join us via live streaming at Stateline SDA Church in Milton Freewater, Oregon:

Theme: Who Shall Be Able to Stand

On September 22, 2018 at 3:00pm

The topics for the event are:

  • Standing By a Purpose True

  • Warnings and Promises

  • When Michael Stands Up

Participating Locations

As information is available, it will be listed here.

Within the Upper Columbia Conference

Chewella, WA

Stateline, OR

Within the Texico Conference

Grants, NM

Within the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference

Clinton, AR

Within the Ohio Conference

Piqua, OH

On September 29, 2018:

Within the Northern California Conference

Red Bluff, California

For more information please see our web site at