Donald Trump Meets Pope Francis

The President of the United States will soon continue a now well-established practice of meeting the leader of Roman Catholicism at his magnificent world headquarters, Vatican City. The eyes of the world’s press will be watching closely, because on the surface at least, the two leaders appear to have little in common—religiously, politically, or personally. There will be a certain soap opera appeal to at least some observers. A brash, outspoken, even belligerent American President will meet a gentle pontiff who visits the poor in their homes and calls for peace and unity. 

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The Cosmic Conflict

The Super Bowl is about the two best teams in pro football going at it head-to-head. You expect there to be a showdown of epic proportions as each team gives its all to win. This brings to mind the fact that there are two cosmic “teams” currently battling to the death. What they’re fighting for is far more monumental than the Super Bowl trophy; it’s nothing less than the hearts and minds of every human being on Planet Earth.

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General Conference spends nearly one million on great controversy-themed dramatic series

Specialty cocktails greeted attendees at the 21-and-over launch party for the General Conference's trailer for its new web series "The Record Keeper" in San Diego’s Gaijin Noodle and Sake House July 19.

Adventists might wonder how a good-and-bad-angel costume party, serving alcohol Friday night, had anything to do with the church. 


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