The Record Keeper leaked online

The controversial web series funded by the General Conference that was originally cancelled has been leaked to the web. The series was leaked on director Jason Satterlund's YouTube channel July 2 and on Ricardo Raposo's YouTube channel August 2. No announcement of the series release has been made on Satterlund's website or the two Facebook pages promoting the site. It's also been released on The Daily Haystacks tweeted this yesterday.

UPDATE 8/7/14: There is evidence that suggests The Record Keeper was leaked even earlier than July. The Daily Haystaks Tumblr page shows a post from April 15, 2014, that says the web series had been canceled and leaked. It provided a link Ricardo Raposo's YouTube account; however, the episodes currently indicate they were uploaded August 2. It's possible the series was taken down and then uploaded in August.

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